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Fulfillment Strategies

Fulfillment encompasses the means and methods used to develop, supply, and service the goods or services mandated by a contract or order. Today, Government Customers recognize the significance of Fulfillment, and it is used more and more as the metric by which vendor and contractor performance is rated. Fulfillment performance can therefore directly influence contract modifications and future business. Archer Schoen Associates will direct and guide each Client through Fulfillment Plan development and execution, making sure that all Terms and Conditions are met, and that deliverables meet contractual requirements. Our business team will author or select the Fulfillment Plan, a list of Alternative Fulfillment, and plans for moving product within the supply chain if necessary.

Once Fulfillment is underway, meeting all contract requirements becomes the single-most important objective with regard to full contract payment and the potential for future contracts. Our Fulfillment Plan Specialists construct complete and alternative Fulfillment Plans against contract requirements, and support and track implementation through complete Contract/Order Fulfillment.

Harnessing Customer Satisfaction is as vital to maintaining control over the cost of the Fulfillment Process as it is to future sales. Archer Schoen Associates can help Client Management and staff to gain control over any current Customer Satisfaction issues, and will help you to develop a tailored training and monitoring program that will enable your company to truly master Customer Satisfaction.

The knowledge and experience thus gained can be put to work to catalyze sales, and to streamline subsequent Fulfillment exercises, with substantial cost-reduction benefits.

Once Fulfillment is completed, Archer Schoen Associates will help the Client Management Team to assess its own performance, and to apply lessons learned to improve future Fulfillment exercises.