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Customer Satisfaction Management

Archer Schoen Associates have unique expertise in mastering and managing Customer satisfaction, with proven long-term results in challenging markets. Although "Customer Satisfaction" is probably the most over-used expression in business today, few companies really understand what it means. True Customer satisfaction, resulting in real Customer confidence that can override inevitable in-service issues, is not superficial; it requires a receptive company culture, the will and skill to really listen to Customers, the knowledge to understand what they are saying and why, and an infrastructure that enables the company to make maximum use of the valuable information Customers provide.

Customers can provide vital input to business strategy and product development, both key factors in financial and competitive performance. Customers who participate in developing a product or service will generally buy it, but only if the working relationship is a healthy and productive one for them, or in other words, if they "believe in" their supplier.

Using a process-based, behavioral approach, Archer Schoen Associates conduct a detailed assessment of your company's Customer-satisfaction performance, then work with you and your staff to impart the knowledge and develop the strategies and tools that will enable your company to achieve and sustain market-beating results.

Our Customer satisfaction capabilities are based on corporate management techniques and strategies for harnessing, maintaining, and improving Customer satisfaction, including (but not limited to):