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Contract Modifications

When a task, product, or service is identified as "out of scope," contract modifications may result. Archer Schoen Associates support Clients through the entire Contract Modification process.

Contract modifications generally arise either from a Customer request or from enhancement of Contractor/Vendor capabilities.

Customer Request: During the life of any contract, due to changing needs and/or technological advances, Government Customers may require additional products or services that were not initially contracted; changes to currently contracted products or services may be requested for the same reasons. These new or adapted products or services are considered "out of scope," and are bid on separately, but with all the same Terms and Conditions as the original contract. Archer Schoen Associates will manage this process for Clients, and support them throughout.


Contractor/Vendor: Archer Schoen Associates regularly review Client product and service offerings gaining a greater understanding their Customers' current and future needs. Using our Solutions process and working with our Client's Business staff, we continually look for and assess new supply and support sources and enhancements. Our objective is to ensure that our Client's Customers can rely on superior product and service offerings at a competitive price, at any time.

Beyond assistance with specific contract modifications, Archer Schoen Associates understand that promoting Contract Modifications can be positive for a Client's "bottom line." Keeping a close eye on market trends and evolving Customer needs, we will help you to develop productive Contract Modifications, and incorporate them in your Business Plan and Long-Term Strategy.