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Capture Support

Archer Schoen Associates provide experienced Capture Managers for short- and long-term assignments. Our stellar record of accomplishment in "capture" and "win" has enabled us to develop a streamlined approach to save our Clients time and money throughout the Capture process. To prepare the way, we identify well-matched opportunities for our Clients based on past performance and resources, and then collaborate with Client decision-makers to determine the investment viability and "win probability" of a specific opportunity. Concurrently, we help the Client's Business Representative to determine Customer "climate," profit potential, and growth potential. We then recommend the best teaming structure to position our Client for a "win."

Archer Schoen Associates can manage strategic campaigns/captures for your business as a Prime Contractor or as a Subcontractor.

Archer Schoen Associates team members have at minimum a Secret Security Clearance; our President has a Top Secret Security Clearance. Many U.S. Federal Government agencies require people working on certain classified programs to have Security Clearances. Agencies such as DoD, the Intelligence agencies, DoJ, DHS, and DoS require Clearances to access classified information.

A Clearance alone is not generally sufficient to gain access; the agency must determine that the "cleared" person has a need to know the information.

We continue to develop a creative bid style that promotes unique discriminators. Our process includes the development and management of proposal win strategies, consistent themes, and a well-envisioned Capture Plan.